Start spreading the news … I want to be part of it

Many of you will remember my series of posts “100 Days in Omaha”, which came to its promised end in the summer of 2008. The series I’m starting today doesn’t know when it will end, but it’s underway.

Karen and I had our first cup of coffee together after a march when the US was preparing to invade Iraq. In the meantime, I’ve read that declaring your beliefs, especially against a powerful opposition, is good for your disposition. I can tell you that it’s also good for your marriage. I recommend it to all of you.

We all like to play at secrecy, and in this case there is good evidence that it’s useful; I won’t be offering details that imply time or place until it is safe for us to do so This is also true of the several journalists who are here with us.

One of these journalists, Amira Hass, filed this for Sunday June 26.

And yes, that’s Karen watching one of her fellow protesters being dragged off by fellow protesters who are playing the part of the soldiers. Most of us have had personal experience with soldiers of several governments — democracies, dictatorships and everything in between — so we were able to vouch for the realism. As to what happens after the incarceration, there are, of course, interesting variations. More on that later.

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