Leaving Nebraska

Many of you will know that I kept weekly update here chronicling my experience as a lymphoma patient undergoing treatment in Omaha, Nebraska. Apparently I developed a following before I stopped writing in about August of 2008. I stopped because it was in August that I was told I could “go home” — which, for Karen and me, meant packing a truck and driving across the middle plains and coastal mountains back to Vancouver.

Before I leave the subject of lymphoma and what it may be like for others to consider the possibility of a quick, unplanned exit, I’d like to declare my faith in curiosity, experimentation and endlessly careful scientific and technical work. I hope I can emulate those qualities in my own life — now that my subscription has been extended.

One last thought: Please reflect for a moment on how uneven is the distribution of good luck in both time and geography. During my treatment I was regularly perplexed by the fact that I was enjoying such effective and expensive attention when only a few kilometers away — let alone in distant countries — there were people suffering the same threat, but alone. We have wealth to spare and too few of us are good at putting it to work.

And now what? I’ve been project managing for a company here in Vancouver. CharityVillage.com is the place where you find people and jobs in the non-profit and government sectors in Canada. We’re working on a new version of the site so have a look in a few week’s time.

Then it’s back to my familiar territory — XML technologies, documents, complex publishing challenges and getting big projects across the finish line standing up.

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