John Turnbull is a software project and product manager who has come out on human rights.

The Tahrir is settled nicely into a routine at the marina in Agios Nikolaos, Greece. Our boat dog, Ringo, barks at the Coast Guard dog, Drago, but otherwise we’re on […]

As shore support for the Canada Boat to Gaza, the hardest task I’ve had so far, has been staying awake during an afternoon session of a provincial courthouse in Crete. […]

Happy Fourth of July! We celebrate you — even those of us who are Americans by enthusiasm only. The King’s attempt to bring you to heel failed, and you escaped […]

We have arrived in Gaza. Yet our vessel, the Tahrir, is tethered to the pier in Agios Nikolaos, Greece. We are in the pleasant company of a stable of yachts […]

When Canada was building railways and highways, if you could speak English and peer through a surveyor’s level, you had a job. No matter that your arithmetic was less than […]

Not until Darth Vader popularized the calming effects of deep breathing was better use made of the non-speaking sound track. Up until that moment, the best breathers were Jacques Cousteau […]

One of the precepts of the our project is that it is normal for a small country with a harbor to welcome a vessel from another country. This is despite […]

Many of you will know that I kept weekly update here chronicling my experience as a lymphoma patient undergoing treatment in Omaha, Nebraska. Apparently I developed a following before I […]