Pragmatic and effective Software Product Executive with deep XML publishing and content management expertise interested in guiding an energetic team in the creation of high-quality content creation, search and management systems.

A seasoned and flexible software development executive and project manager with a proven record in successful enterprise client software and content management systems. Has 15 years of progressive experience in software development, product marketing and international sales, commercial and technical publishing, and business management. Recognized as an XML authority. Exceptional ability as a mentor and communicator.

Areas of expertise

  • software product management
  • XML and related technologies
  • technical sales partnership program management
  • content management and search
  • business and user analysis
  • commercial and technical publishing
  • legal and regulatory documentation systems
  • writing and editing
  • enterprise account management
  • large-scale project management

Assignment chronology (in reverse order)

SAP, Vancouver

December 2010 to present

DITA systems consultant and technical editor

As a writer, editor and XML consultant, have been assigned to write and edit documentation of SAP's BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform, and to expand its DITA capabilities.

  • Introducing Agile methods to content creation and maintenance.

Travel and professional development.

January 2010 to November 2010

Temperant Group

August 2009 to December 2009

Bid writer, coordinator

Temperant Group was formed to bid on a legislative documentation project for the State of Montana. We were narrowly unsuccessful in the bid.


July 2009 to October 2009

Twitter Marketer for xDB

Was assigned to experiment with Twitter as a method to alert developers to the capabilites of the xDB suite, particularly XForms and XProc.

  • I'm not certain what was acheived

CharityVillage.com, Vancouver

November 2008 to August 2009

Job Search Website Project Planner-Tester

As a manager and technician with a background in website creation, took part in planning, implementing and testing a new version of CharityVillage.com's Job Search features.

  • Reestablished project definition and schedule after a long stall
  • Introduced inter-active, "real user" testing methods and metrics

Medical leave

January 2008 to November 2008

  • Cured

XMaLpha Technologies, Des Moines, Iowa

February 2007 to December 2007

Iowa Legislature LINC Project Manager

As the on-site, senior project manager, took charge of the Iowa Legislature's four-year, multi-phase project to implement XML authoring, XML databases, web publishing and paper publishing systems. Created user-centered design methods and mapped dozens of complex and exacting editorial and amending processes for several publications, including web, bulletin and bound-volume renditions. Brought the first phase (The Iowa Administrative Code) through to production. Acted as the "face of the project" within the legislative services organization and the political context.

  • Reestablished project momentum among reluctant users
  • Successfully managed subtle communication challenges with administrative and political interests

Propylon Ltd., Dublin, Ireland and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

August 2005 to December 2006

Pennsylvania Bill Drafting Senior Project Manager

Assumed responsibility for the design and implementation of an XML legislative drafting and content management system (software and hardware) under a 6.5 million dollar contract with the State. Created and administered processes for project management, business analysis, specification and training. Controlled interactions with the client and managed project activities with the development group in Ireland. Managed hardware specification, acquisition and deployment.

  • Successfully established Propylon's delivery capability in the United States
  • Solved complex communication challenges with dispersed team
  • Recovered client confidence
  • Successfully delivered Phases One and Two of the project

XMetaL versions 1.0 to 4.0, Toronto and Vancouver

August 1999 to August 2005

Pre-Sales Engineer, Professional Services Manager, Senior Product Manager, Partner Sales and Account Manager at SoftQuad, Corel and Blast Radius

XMetaL (www.xmetal.com) is a suite of four authoring and developer applications that enable subject matter experts in any industry to create valid XML documents for easy content management and search. The XMetaL technologies were created by SoftQuad Ltd., and were later purchased by Corel Corporation and Blast Radius.

XMetaL-related Assignment Chronology (in reverse order)

Partner Sales and Account Manager, Blast Radius: Rebuilt Blast Radius's XML sales relationship with channel resellers and partner SIs and VARs. Initial sales were less than $1,000 a quarter. Partner sales reached $150,000 in the second quarter. Managed all accounts and later US East Coast accounts as a new sales force was built. Successfully carried half the company's license revenue for the first six months of a chaotic company integration.

  • Assured the business continuity of the product
  • Created significant revenue by closing $750,000 on a $500 licensed product

Senior Product Manager, Corel and SoftQuad: Managed the XMetaL suite of four products from version 1.0 through 4.0 Produced technically aggressive ActiveX product as well as a the XMetaL SDK — a plug-in to Visual Studio .NET. Directed the integration of SoftQuad's product and development staffs into Corel Corporation then transferred to a sales-oriented position within product management.

  • Launched the first commercial Unicode XML editor, the first XML Schema implementation for editing, and the first integrated Word conversion features
  • Guided XML authoring implementations in several industry verticals including aircraft manufacturing, insurance, legal and contract management, software and hardware, e-learning, and publishing.
  • Created an educated technical sales team to represent SoftQuad's (and later Corel's) XML products and professional services
  • Represented SoftQuad (and later Corel) at various industry conferences as a speaker and XML content expert. These included the annual XML conferences in North America and Europe, various US Government CIO Committee meetings, and "vertical" conferences such as eLearning, financial publication, manufacturing product documentation, and consumer publishing.
  • Managed the development of CMS integrations with Documentum and Interwoven (as supported products) as well as integrations with several XML database vendors including Stellent, Vasont, Oracle 9
  • Successfully managed development, product marketing, training and QA teams spread across three time zones

Professional Services Manager, SoftQuad: Professional Services Manager, SoftQuad:Managed major clients during large-scale XML implementations. These included Kodak, Xerox, Cisco, Microsoft, Texas Instruments, HP, the US House of Representatives, the US Senate, The Parliament of Canada, Bloomberg, FedEx, Lexis-Nexis, Merck, Motorola, National Semiconductor, Ericsson, Nokia, Haufe-Verlag.

  • Built a peerless team of XML and Content Management developers
  • Secured significant revenue and reputation for SoftQuad allowing it to make its IPO

Pre-Sales Engineer, SoftQuad: Helped launch XMetaL 1.0, the first XML Authoring application. Worked as the sales engineer, support technician, conference promoter, marketer, and trainer. Contributed significant value to a software start-up and helped see the company through an IPO. Was involved in almost every sale that SoftQuad made in both Europe and North America, including major partnership agreements and enterprise sales at HP, Microsoft, Cisco, UBS Warburg, KBC, RTIS. Pushed the development of XMetaL 2.0 as well as managing our North American partner sales relationships with Documentum, Empolis, Interwoven, Oracle, Software AG and Stellent.

  • Established a personal reputation as a Content Management Systems and XML authority in high-tech manufacturing and software documentation, legislation, and financial services
  • Trained and supported the sales team that grew XMetaL software sales from zero to 8 million in two years.

i4i Software, Toronto, Ontario

June 1997 to August 1999

Product Manager

Managed i4i's S4/Text, the first successful SGML editor built on Microsoft Word, and, in St. Quentin des Yvelines, France, managed the technical group that had created Grif. Worked in various aspects of SGML and XML services including conversion, FrameMaker development, database design, and training.

  • Successfully managed a French development team through three version releases
  • Created a new product at a very early stage of the technology

SoftQuad Software, Toronto, Ontario

December 1995 to May 1996

Technical Writer, Manager Conversion Services

Manager, Conversion Services: Managed a group of 10 developers working in Perl, Omnimark and other related technologies to convert legacy WordPerfect and mainframe documents for Ontario Hydro.

Technical Writer: Joined SoftQuad Software as a technical writer in order to learn SGML and related programming techniques. Wrote most of the documentation for both Author Editor and HoTMetaL 3. Contributed to the daily list-server exchange that created the XML 1.0 specification. (Many SoftQuad staff members were contributors to the spec discussion and the CTO was a co-author.)


(further detail available on request)

Toronto Stock Exchange, Business Analyst: Saved the TSE several hundreds of thousands of dollars as a systems analyst, by discovering a gap in billing cycles for a major print product. Also found orphaned but operating Assembler routines and improved the production of printed analytical reports.

Gore and Storey, Manager Publications: Tripled the hit rate at a large civil engineering firm (now CH2M Hill) by reorganizing the creation and delivery of very complex RFPs, tender specifications, design documents and operational manuals for large processing plants.

Marketing Writer: Partnered with a sales consultancy to offer services to large corporations in the area of marketing collateral, public relations and annual reporting. Clients included Nortel, William Mercer, GE Capital, and Bell Canada.

Textbook Writer: Co-wrote and edited a best-selling textbook on navigation and boat handling for William Morrow & Sons, New York. (Chapman's Piloting Seamanship & Small Boat Handling, 62nd Edition)

Boat for Sale Publications, President and Owner: Established (1984) a small, profitable company to publish classified advertising. Boat for Sale Publications Inc. achieved an annual revenue of 1.2 million $CDN and was sold to Trader Media LLC. In 2005.

Maclean-Hunter, Publisher: Published monthly consumer magazines for a major Canadian corporation, Maclean-Hunter (now Rogers Communications). Pushed group circulation from 45,000 to 187,000 and revenue from $0.8 million CDN to $5.5 million CDN.

Maclean-Hunter, Editor: Edited Canadian Yachting Magazine, a major consumer magazine with a staff of 35 full-time editors, designers, production and sales people as well as an extensive freelance staff. Canadian Yachting was at that time, the second largest Canadian magazine in terms of page production.

References and educational detail will be furnished on request.